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You can depend on Enea Multilingual Solutions to meet all of your multilingual communication needs. We are a premier translation and interpreting services provider serving Fortune 500 companies, law firms, life science, pharmaceuticals, local and Federal government agencies.

EMS was founded 16 years ago by professional linguists and has always been operated with a fundamental commitment to translation, localization and technical quality. Translation, interpreting and localization are our core businesses. With reputation for unparalleled excellence, EMS provides a full range of language solution services in 160 + languages.  We provide a full range of language and business services including legal translation, interpretations, life sciences translations, focus group simultaneous interpretations, American and Foreign Sign Language Interpretation, interpretation services for depositions and arbitrations, multicultural marketing research,  and litigation support to multinational companies.

EMS is uniquely positioned to provide the combination of technical expertise, cultural knowledge and expert language support required to produce international versions of software, web sites and consumer products in a range of industries.

Our mission is to ensure the success of clients’ operations by building a strategic partnership to produce translation, localization and interpreting solutions that consistently meet the industry’s highest standards.

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