Legal Interpretation Services

We only works with legal interpreters who have proven experience and/or certifications in the legal industry. Our legal interpreters are available for depositions, client meetings, client presentations, expert witness preparation, and more.

The overwhelming majority of the legal interpreters utilized by EMLS are certified by a court (State or Federal) or have been certified by other entities such as the National Association of Judiciary Interpreters and Translators (NAJIT) or ATA.

Before being assigned to any project, EMLS ensures that the interpreters meet the following minimum requirements:

  • In-depth understanding of specific judicial terminology
  • Court certification
  • High proficiency/fluency in both native and non-native language
  • Strong understanding of the culture of both languages

Whether you require simultaneous interpretation (for courtroom assistance), consecutive interpretation (for depositions or meetings) our client service professionals are ready to provide you with the most skilled and proficient legal interpreters in the industry.

    American Sign Language (ASL)

Enea Multilingual Solutions is an excellent resource for sign language interpretation services. We provide American Sign Language interpreters for in-person interpretation nationwide. Most of our ASL interpreters are certified by RID which is the leading organization for certifying American Sign Language interpreters.

Medical Translation & Interpretations

Enea Multilingual provides medical translations to hospitals, health care providers, medical insurance companies, research laboratories, and public health administration services, helping them to create their brochures, manuals, presentations, forms, and any other health related materials. We know that accuracy is critical in medical translations because it has to do with people’s healthcare. Our medical interpreters have industry knowledge which includes proficiency of medical terminology and experience with a wide range of medical environments.  They hold medical doctor degrees, certifications, accreditations, and advanced degrees in their profession.

Enea Multilingual Solutions medical translation services include the translation of documents as diverse as:

* Clinical Reports and Studies
* Hospital & Insurance Reports
* Medical Evaluations * Medical Journals
* Pharmaceutical Guidelines * Medical Brochures
* Medical Software * Medical Terminology Glossaries


Focus Group Interpreting

Enea Multilingual has all the right solutions for your marketing and focus group interpretation needs in every language. We have a professional team of certified interpreters specialized in focus group interpreting that are always available to help you learn from your customers and from community, forgetting about the language barriers, in order to develop the correct products and to be more successful.

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